Internship • 10 min
Intuit Internship
A 13-week internship experience centered around helping tax professionals quickly generate and deliver personalized tax reports to their clients.
Duration: Jun 2021 - Sep 2021 (3 months)
Role: Product Design Intern
Team: Intuit Tax Advisor & ProConnect Online
Disclaimer: Due to NDA restrictions, I'm unable to share the details of my project publicly
Understanding the Problem Space
Providing Context
Throughout the course of my internship, I collaborated with 2 full-time designers and 1 project manager on Intuit Tax Advisor, an automated tool that aims to help tax professionals quickly generate tax reports for their clientele.

“As a tax expert, I need to customize my report so that my clients know it’s from me. However, I do not have time to spend all day creating the custom report, so I want it to be easy to include and exclude the information I show my client”
Client Report Builder - MVP
I was the lead designer for the new Client Report Builder feature within Intuit Tax Advisor, helping tax professionals efficiently customize and create tax reports for their clients within under 10 minutes.

Some features include:
  • Adding firm logos
  • Branding colors
  • Adding/removing report content
  • Template creation for future usage
In-product Testing Results
Success Metrics
Through collaboration with 1 UX researcher, I conducted a two stage study with 10 tax professionals to test the efficacy of my designs and how it contributed to Intuit Tax Advisor’s usability.

With the addition of the Client Report Builder tool to ITA:
  • NPS score rose from -29 to 40
  • Ease-of-use rated as a 6.2/7
  • Added value rated as a 6.4/7
Following up on a successful testing campaign, the product will be released in Q2 2022.
Additional Responsibilities
FTU Barriers for eSignature/ProConnect Tax Online
With the implementation of Docusign to ProConnect Tax Online, a software for virtually filing tax returns, I had the chance to address first-time-use barriers for tax professionals looking to integrate eSignature into their workflow.

My responsibilities included:
  • Identifying friction points within the existing workflow
  • User testing 15 tax professionals on eSignature
  • FTU experience iteration and prototyping